The internet café coffee shop serves fresh coffee, tea, beverages and gourmet desserts while you surf the web or just relax. Conveniently located adjacent to the lobby, this is a perfect place to check your emails and enjoy a refreshment before setting out from the hotel or retiring to your room.
CoffeeShop Hours : 9 a.m. – 11 p.m.

Mashhad Hotel ,Ab square
Mashhad, Iran

Phone : +985132222666

Fax : +985132226767

Email : contact@mashhad-hotel.com

ایران - مشهد مقدس
میدان بیت المقدس- هتل مشهد

تلفن تماس : +985132222666

تلفکس : +985132226767

ایمیل : contact@mashhad-hotel.com