Mashhad Hotel, located near the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza, was established in 1975 in order to offer very different sorts of services to the guests and pilgrims and was extended to the current form in 1997. The very main objective of building Mashhad Hotel is to provide the very high level of quality services in accordance with the highest national and international standards to the guests and pilgrims of the gracious Imam Reza. In consideration of being adjacent to the Holy Shrine and its torrent of the enthusiastic, Mashhad Hotel has been trying to move towards the criterions of Islamic hospitality and the purposes of providing the best kind of accommodation and entertainment services.

Mashhad Hotel ,Ab square
Mashhad, Iran

Phone : +985132222666

Fax : +985132226767

Email : contact@mashhad-hotel.com

ایران - مشهد مقدس
میدان بیت المقدس- هتل مشهد

تلفن تماس : +985132222666

تلفکس : +985132226767

ایمیل : contact@mashhad-hotel.com